Mahogany Scriptures

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In his debut book "Mahogany Scriptures" Kareem Ture writes poems about love, heartbreak, suicide, depression, social issues and just life lessons learned from personal experience, but more so from other people's perspective he's met. This book will grab your attention as well as make you relate in some way to what several people go through in this marathon we call life.

Chocolate Clouds


Kareem Ture is back again, and is more personable with his second book "Chocolate Clouds". As expected Kareem gives his audience a concoction of several topics in a poetic delivery such as self reflection, loving a significant other, passion, sex, betrayal, vulnerability, Black depression, Black pride and more. This is one to definitely get if you want the whole entree of poetic soul food.



Kareem is back for his 3rd consecutive book release. In a time when words are needed for the power of healing, join Kareem as he ventures through the healing process of a Black man finding his way in the pages on “Composition”.